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1)CONSENT FORMS: Before anyone is allowed to move beyond the Quartermaster (Front Sales Counter) and cross Checkpoint Alpha, they must complete the CQBravo Airsoft RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT as well as the CQBravo Airsoft PARENTAL CONSENT FORM if under the age of 18. This includes access to the restroom facilities. 

Forms are available online and may be completed prior to arrival. Group leaders register all party members and pay for the group at the same time. Players must “check out” when leaving and are responsible for returning all equipment in the condition it was issued in or they will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs.

2)EQUIPMENT HANDLING: All Airsoft weapons should be unloaded and cased outside of the Engagement Area or Equipment Storage & Handling areas. Treat and handle transportation of all Airsoft Guns like REAL FIREARMS.

3)REAL FIREARMS/KNIVES: Real firearms and knives are strictly prohibited within the facility. Possess is grounds for immediate removal from the facility and possible prosecution.

4)ALCOHOL/TOBACCO: This facility is an Alcohol and Tobacco free environment (including vapor and smokeless tobacco).  Any use of these products must be AT LEAST 100’ away from the building.

5)SAFETY BRIEFING: All Participants are REQUIRED to attend the SAFETY BRIEFING prior to handling, removing, or renting any equipment.  Attending the Safety Briefing is a DAILY requirement prior to participation.

6)HEAD PROTECTION: Full Face Protection is required at all times in the Engagement Area.  Acceptable face protection can be full face paintball masks or approved Airsoft goggles that meet or exceed ASTM (Z87) standards.  The full face and ears must be covered by a mask system to prevent injury or penetration of BBs.

7)BARREL BLOCKING DEVICE (BBD): Approved Barrel Blocking Devices are REQUIRED in all areas outside of the Engagement Area and must secure over the muzzle.  Socks, towels, Muzzle Caps, etc are NOT APPROVED for this use. PISTOLS must be holstered when not in the Engagement Area.

8)WEAPON CLEARING: All magazines must be removed and three clearing shots fired into the clearing barrel when leaving the Engagement Area. There is no firing allowed outside of the Engagement Area, even if your Airsoft Gun is not loaded.

9)CHRONO TESTING: All Airsoft Guns will be tested by either the Armorer or Range Safety Officer prior to entering the Engagement Area to ensure they meet Feet Per Second (FPS) and Rate Of Fire (ROF) specifications.

10)MUZZLE AWARENESS: Always point your Airsoft Gun in a safe direction (either towards the ceiling or floor) when not engaging.  NO BLIND FIRING is permitted. Airsoft Guns must be on your should or in your Line of Sight (LoS) when firing.

11)AMMO/Co2: This facility is a strictly controlled and regulated environment.  Outside equipment must be in good working order, is subject to inspection by all safety personnel, and may be rejected by management if deemed unsafe. For your safety, NO OUTSIDE AMMO IS PERMITTED in this facility. ALL AMMO must be purchased at the Armory. Outside Co2 is permitted for user equipment only; ALL RENTAL equipment must use CQBravo Airsoft ammo AND fuel.

12)LASERS: Lasers of any kind are NOT PERMITTED at any time within the facility. 

13)PYRO / SIMS: Possession of and/or use of any form of pyrotechnics or sound simulators is STRICTLY PROHIBITTED on the premises.

1)No minors under the age of 10. Minors age 10-13 MUST HAVE an adult present and all minors must have a Parent/Guardian Consent Form on file. Minimum age for Private Parties is 6 years old for NERF Equipment.

2)No equipment past Checkpoint Alpha (Front Desk) without visual inspection and approval.

3)All Airsoft Guns must be chronograph tested, inspected, and approved by the Armorer prior to use.  Muzzle Velocity (MV) Limit is 350 feet per second (FPS) for Semi-Auto/Burst. FULL AUTO IS NOT ALLOWED. Rate of Fire modifications are available for purchase and installation at the Armory.

4)Take all commands from the Range Safety Officer (RSO – Callsign “Tower”). Obey all instructions immediately. Players will receive one warning, then either be asked to sit out of play or be asked to leave the facility without refund or return.

5)All loading/unloading must be done in the Equipment Storage and Preparation Area. No CO2 Refills or Loose BBs in the Engagement Area.

6)Once hit, immediately stand up, say “HIT” loudly, take out your RED “Dead Rag”, hold your weapon and rag up over your head, and move quickly and directly to the No-Fire Spawn Zone. Touch the Clearing Barrel to “Respawn” and move in your team direction. 

7)Avoid headshots if possible (aim center mass).

8)ABSOLUTELY NO FIRING ON “DEAD” PLAYERS. Intentional excessive fire is immediate grounds for player removal. Most players will continue to fire until your hands and/or rag are held up.

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